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1. No spamming, trolling, or advertising for paid sites.
2. No hate speech (racist, sexist, homophobic, &c. language used in malice).
3. All Not-Safe-For-Work content must be placed under a cut and be clearly labeled as NSFW.
4. Comments should always be enabled.
5. Do not delete another user's comments. If there is comment drama, contact the administrators.
6. Do not screen comments unless you are asking for sensitive information.

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[personal profile] zvi2013-01-14 05:20 pm

Did you want to go to Arisia?

Arisia is a major SF con happening this weekend in Boston.

I have a four day (Friday - Monday) ticket and 1/2 of a king room (to a woman only) in the con hotel available if you contact me by midnight EST Tuesday. Comment here or PM me if you are interested in either or both.
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Dreamwidth meetup on March 17th!

Dinnertime meetup of Dreamwidth users. Looks like we'll probably be at Namaskar in Davis Square, but keep checking [site community profile] dw_meetups in case this changes.
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Ok bad!mod lives and has an announcement!

I am swamped with the end of the year crazies and know that I'm not going to get this deadwall of a comm anywhere near active without some good and bad cops. So, who wants to be a mod? Yeah, I know this damn post is long overdue.

If you need a dreamwidth invite, I can send one.
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Issues Box and Banned List

Comment drama? Spam issue?

Leave a comment here and I'll cover the issue!